Welcome back for another installment of Preview Monday! This week, we’re giving you exclusive first looks at JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #7.2: KILLER FROST and ASTRO CITY #4!

Not every villain is grateful to the Crime Syndicate for seemingly ridding the world of the Justice League. For Killer Frost, there is only one thing that matters: feeding off Firestorm’s energy and learning the secret behind his nuclear matrix. After all, it’s the one thing that could make her human again. But with Firestorm gone, a desperate Frost is forced to find a new source for her power fixes. How will she ever feel normal again? And are her chances at regaining her humanity doomed forever? Written by Sterling Gates and illustrated by Derlis Santacruz and Brett Smith, JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #7.2: KILLER FROST hits shelves this Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Mattie “Sully” Sullivan could be robbing banks, saving lives, or working for the government in a top-secret capacity. But instead she lays low, helps her friends, and makes life easier when she can. She uses her telekinetic powers to do special effects for movies and television. She can contain an explosion to look perfect on film, throw a car through a brick wall, and get glass to shatter precisely how the director wants. But when a new criminal superpower captures her, Sully can’t just keep her head down and let him continue. Will she fight? And how will her powers stack up against Majordomo and his henchmen? Written by Kurt Buslek and featuring art by Brent Anderson and Alex Ross, ASTRO CITY #4 will be available in stores on Wednesday.