People have been talking about Batman and Superman a lot lately, but we’d like to call attention to one recent bit of news that’s likely gone unnoticed by most fans. Which is a shame because it never could have happened without all of you!

A few weeks ago, Superman slipped past the 5 million mark on his official Facebook page. Then, just last week, Batman’s Facebook page hit the 10 million fan mark. That’s a whole lot of likes!

We’re continually amazed at the passion and dedication of our fans, and we love celebrating these iconic characters with you. While we work hard to ensure they remain an important part of the world of comics and entertainment, it’s all of you who ensure they remain an important part of the world…period! Batman and Superman are alive on the page because of the talented writers and artists who have worked on them over the years, but they live in the real world through all of their fans.

Whether your hero of choice is Superman, Batman or whether you love them both equally, we’d like to thank you for being a fan. So we asked two of our amazing artists to create a pair of exclusive illustrations to commemorate these milestones.

That’s Batman as drawn by Batman, Incorporated illustrator Chris Burnham, and you can see a much bigger version of that illustration on the Batman Facebook page. We also asked Superman artist Kenneth Rocafort to draw the Man of Steel smashing the 5 million milestone for our Superman Facebook page. However, you’ll have to visit the page to check that one out. And while you do that, if you haven’t already “liked” the Man of Steel’s Facebook, now would be a perfect time!

There’s plenty more great Batman and Superman stuff to come over the weeks ahead, so keep an eye on both those pages and right here on Thanks for being a fan!