This summer the Justice League, Justice League of America and Justice League Dark have been battling against one another in the epic crossover event “Trinity War”.
Now, with the conclusion just weeks away, legendary scribe Geoff Johns spoke with IGN about the exciting action-packed finale and revealed some major news, paving the way for this fall’s highly anticipated miniseries FOREVER EVIL, drawn by David Finch.
“What’s most surprising about Forever Evil isn’t its repercussions,” said Johns. “It’s that everything we thought we knew about the series is wrong. Up to this point, we’ve believed that the Secret Society of Super Villains has been in control, manipulating the Justice League and turning public opinion against them.”
Want to know who is causing all the trouble?  Well, wait no more. Head over to IGN to find out!
And pick up JUSTICE LEAGUE #23 August 28 for more surprises and FOREVER EVIL #1, which kicks off Villains Month, September 4th!