It’s the shocking conclusion to “Earth In Crisis!”

Upon their arrival on the planet Rann, the Ame-Comi Girls are greeted by Alana Strange and Hawkgirl – who inform them of the truth about Sinestra’s evil plans to destroy the universe! Powered up with energy rings and battling on Earth and in space, the girls seem to be all set to beat Sinestra back into the void she crawled out of. But what happens if their powers aren’t enough to defeat Sinestra? Will the secret weapon built on Rann be what they need to win? And at what cost?

AME-COMI GIRLS #6 is written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray and is illustrated by Eduardo Francisco, Horacio Domingues, Ruben Gonzalez, and Wes Hartman. Look for the issue when it lands in stores tomorrow!