SPOILER ALERT: If you have not read BATMAN, INCORPORATED #13 yet and do not wish to know what happens, stop reading this post now (major spoilers ahead!).

Since 2006, comic book legend Grant Morrison (ACTION COMICS; ANIMAL MAN; THE INVISIBLES) has been writing the adventures of Batman. Throughout this historic run, Morrison has added countless and rich layers to the Bat-mythos that will forever influence this iconic character. And in BATMAN, INCORPORATED, Morrison’s most recent series, it was the introduction and ultimate death of Bruce Wayne’s son, Damian (a.k.a. Robin) that arguably had the most profound impact on the Dark Knight – and the DC Universe as a whole.

In the final pages of BATMAN, INCORPORATED #13, Ra’s al Ghul pledges vengeance against Bruce Wayne. With both his daughter, Talia, and grandson, Damian, dead, Ra’s promises to “raise an army grown in darkness.” In the series’ shocking ending, Ra’s is seen commanding an army of Damian clones to release upon Batman. But why end the series on such a cliffhanger?

“Batman’s mission is really … almost a never-ending one and there’s a kind of terror to that I think that people may not necessarily want to see,” Morrison explained to THE NEW YORK POST. “They might not want to understand that the Batman’s mission never ends. There’s a kind of hope in that Batman will ultimately win and I guess what the story is saying, really … is it’s taking a long-running franchise where this guy is going to be revamped forever and he will always be new, and he will always come back shiny and new, and bigger and faster. But for him there’s a kind of horror in that. That’s kind of where I was trying to get at: What if the Batman story never ends? What if you felt that for just a moment?”

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