“Trinity War” – the blockbuster summer crossover event that pits the Justice League, the Justice League of America, and the Justice League Dark against one another – directly paves the path for September’s Villains Month and the highly anticipated 7-issue miniseries, FOREVER EVIL. 

Yesterday, we showed you a sneak peek at the game-changing final chapter of “Trinity War” in the pages of JUSTICE LEAUGE #23. And a few weeks ago at San Diego Comic-Con, we gave you your very first glimpse at artist David Finch’s incredible interior art from FOREVER EVIL #1. Today, we’re pleased to show you another sneak peek at FOREVER EVIL #1!

“I like being able to draw a range of things. I like being challenged with different projects. But this book has that comfort of drawing villains, but it also gives me a wide range because there are just so many different villains, and they all have such a different feel,” Finch recently told NEWSARAMA about illustrating FOREVER EVIL. “Of course, the one thing they really have in common is that they have a level of unpredictability and craziness, and that makes it really fun for me to draw.”

As for Lex Luthor’s mysterious role in the miniseries?

“The way that Geoff writes him, he's the ultimate opportunist. No matter what happens and how bad something is for him in the moment, he's going to instantly look at that and, quicker than anyone else around him, find a way to take the most advantage possible of the situation, and turn it into something he can profit from,” Finch continued. “Chaos is great for Lex Luthor, as long as he's controlling that chaos. And this isn't a chaos he controls. And he, in a way — in a big way — takes advantage of the kind of stability that heroes can give to the world. It gives him a stable world that he can exploit. So now that that's being taken away from him, he has to make a decision about whether he wants to just continue to look out for his immediate interest, or whether he has to play, perhaps temporarily, for the common good so his long-term interests are protected.”

In the gallery above, take a look at some of Finch’s interior art for FOREVER EVIL #1, which marches into stores on September 4.