He’s known as the Fastest Man Alive, the Scarlet Speedster, Mr. McRunsalot, but to us comic book fans, he’s mainly known as one of the World’s Greatest Super-Heroes—and one of our personal favorite characters from throughout comic book history.

The Flash has had a pretty good run (ha!)—standing tall alongside Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman as a member of the Justice League (present in pretty much every incarnation of the team); featuring prominently in the widely popular Justice League animated series; having a cult-favorite live-action television show; possessing one of the most instantly recognizable super hero symbols in the world; and that’s not even taking into account the multitude of comics from his ongoing self-titled series.

With the recent announcement that the Flash will be a recurring character on Arrow next season which could result in his own spinoff series, we had a little discussion amongst ourselves about our favorite things featuring the Flash—and we decided to relay that information to you with 5.2 Reasons We’re Flash Fans!


1. Mark Waid and Geoff Johns’ Run with Wally West

Arguably two of the greatest runs in comic book history, let alone with this particular character, Mark Waid and Geoff Johns each re-defined the Flash for years to come and shaped Wally West into one of the most popular incarnations of the character. The series is available for digital download, but the recent Geoff Johns Flash Omnibus is a must for any Flash fan.


2. The 1990-1991 Flash Television Series

Athough the show only lasted one season, it’s absolutely worth the watch. John Wesley Shipp does a great job as Barry Allen, the effects were very great for the time, and actor Mark Hamill plays the part of the Trickster, a role he later reprised in the Justice League animated series. Which, speaking of...


3. Justice League and Justice League Unlimited

There’s seriously a lot we love about the entirety of the DCAU—it brought the world Batman: The Animated Series and for that we shall ever be grateful—but the Flash (voiced by Smallville actor Michael Rosenbaum) definitely stands in our Top 5 favorite things. He’s hilarious, always fun and super-badass. Justice League Unlimited also features hands down one of the greatest Flash moments EVER, from any medium, in the episode “Divided We Fall.” Just... just watch it. It still makes our jaw drop.


4. Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

We wrote at length about this recently released film last week, but it definitely bears repeating. Although featuring the Justice League and cameos from heroes and villains throughout the DCU, at its heart, it’s absolutely a Flash film, and has a totally amazing throwdown between the Flash and the Reverse-Flash.


5. Francis Manapul Drawing the Flash

The current Flash ongoing series by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato easily ranks as one of the best titles of DC Comics—The New 52, thanks in no small part to Manapul’s incredible page layouts and mind-bendingly brilliant portrayals of the Flash’s powers at work.


5.1 The Rogues

5.2 The Existence of the Flash Flash Drive


What do you love about Mr. McRunsalot? What are some of your favorite Flash stories? Let us know in the comments!