Many comic book writers out there dream of writing a series for The New 52. But Charles Soule isn’t writing a New 52 comic. He’s writing three of them. After making his New 52 debut in April, 2013 with SWAMP THING #19, Charles soon joined the Green Lantern universe as the new writer of Red Lanterns before announcing his upcoming (and highly anticipated) Superman/Wonder Woman ongoing.

We sat down with Charles at San Diego Comic-Con to ask him a few questions about his suddenly very full slate.


In less than a year, you’ve become the writer of three high-profile DC COMICS – THE NEW 52 titles. How do you feel about that? Would you have ever expected it?

It’s really an astonishing thing to me, as I’m sure it is to many readers out there since who the heck was I eight months ago, and now all of a sudden I’m writing Swamp Thing, Red Lanterns and Superman/Wonder Woman. It’s wonderful and an honor and a huge pleasure!

You came on to Swamp Thing after Scott Snyder wrapped up his acclaimed run. Any nervousness about getting started?

Yeah, you’re following not only a really solid run on a title, but a really solid run by one of DC’s hottest writers. So yes, there was some nervousness about that, but at the same time, it wasn’t a job that I was going to turn down.

So…Red Lanterns! Of the colors, does the red ring of rage suit you the best? You don’t seem like you’re an angry guy to me.

It’s a cold, simmering rage! No, the thing I like about the Reds is that they’re not your typical hero set. They do things and their motivations are a little bit different than the average group of heroes, so it’s really interesting to be able to write them. Whether I’m an angry guy or not—it’s a good title to write.


You’re also writing the Black Hand comic for Villains Month. Things weren’t going so well for Black Hand the last time we saw him.

Yes, the last time we saw Black Hand he had been disintegrated into a pile of dust, and well, in comics death doesn’t always stick—particularly for a character like Black Hand, who’s kind of a death-based guy himself. So, yes, he will make a reappearance…  Otherwise the book would be pretty boring and short!

Finally, let’s talk about Superman/Wonder Woman. How would you describe this series? Is it a team-up book? A relationship story? A romance comic with action?

At its heart, Superman/Wonder Woman is a book that is focusing on the relationship between two titans of the DC Universe. At the moment, Superman and Wonder Woman are a romantic couple, which I think gives you a lot of dynamics to explore that you might not always have in a team-up book between two other super heroes. I think it gives the book a lot of great depth. You get a ton of super hero action, but you also get to do things that you don’t always get to do in super hero comics, so it’s a lot of fun.


Can you give us a tease of what we can expect from the first issue? Where does the story begin with Superman/Wonder Woman?

Superman/Wonder Woman begins high above the clouds in the North Atlantic. There’s a huge storm swirling that the super heroes are going to try and deal with, and things get going from there!

And last, I’d imagine the lasso of truth is something that millions of wives, husbands, boyfriends and girlfriends would love to have when their significant others are late for dinner or date night. Think Superman will make it a point to always be on time?

I think whether Diana had the lasso or not, it would be really stupid of Superman to be late for dates with her. For about a million different reasons!