San Diego Comic-Con kicked off last night and DC Entertainment hit the ground running by debuting a staggering collection of Superman costumes in our interactive 4,500 square foot booth (#1915). The costumes on display span various incarnations of the Man of Steel on both the big and small screens, and have been donned by actors including Christopher Reeve, Brandon Routh, Dean Cain, Tom Welling, and Henry Cavill.

During yesterday’s Comic-Con preview night, DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Dan DiDio and Warner Bros. Corporate Archive Executive Director Leith Adams hosted a booth tour of the various Superman costumes on display. When asked which costume was his favorite, DiDio told USA TODAY that it had to be “the Christopher Reeve one. I’ve gotta go classic.”

“Superman is such an identifier for who we are and what we are about — not just DC Comics but just comics in general,” DiDio continued. “You think about a character who was created in 1938 and how many other characters have disappeared and faded away, and he is just as strong and probably more vibrant than ever.”

Throughout the tour, DiDio also discussed the various ways that DC Entertainment is celebrating Superman’s 75th anniversary this year, including the launches of all-new ongoing series such as SUPERMAN UNCHAINED from the superstar creative team of writer Scott Snyder and artist Jim Lee, BATMAN/SUPERMAN from writer Greg Pak and artist Jae Lee, and this fall’s upcoming SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN from writer Charles Soule and artist Tony S. Daniel, which will continue to explore the developing relationship between the world’s most famous superhero couple.

In the gallery above, take a look at some of the incredible costumes on display and sound off in the comments below about which ones are your favorites! For a full list of all of DC Entertainment’s panels and signing at San Diego Comic-Con, click here.