Each day this week in What’s New in The New 52, we’ll be spotlighting all-new characters that will be introduced in BIRDS OF PREY #22 (in stores next Wednesday). Yesterday you met Uplink, and today we’ll be introducing you to Hammerdown and Whipcrack.

Both members of Basilisk, Hammerdown and Whipcrack have mysterious pasts that will be explored in the coming months. Hailing from Nigeria, Hammerdown has ties to Condor – and their reunion is not something either one of them are exactly looking forward to. Plus, Hammerdown’s skin on his arms, hands and chest have hardened into natural armor plating, giving him superhuman strength. So if you were Condor, you’d likely want to be careful around him …

While Whipcrack may not be as physically strong as Hammerdown, he’s not to be underestimated either. A Bulgarian gangster-type, Whipcrack is easily the most coldblooded member of the entire Basilisk team. His energy-based whips deliver painful blows similar to electric shocks. Yikes. So how does someone like Whipcrack have connections to someone as seemingly opposite as Uplink?

Find out soon,