Just a question. Have you checked out the Comics page here on the DC website this week? Because if you haven’t yet, you really should. Go on. We’ll wait.

So, has your head exploded yet? Last month we journeyed into Batman’s past. (No, not this version of Batman’s past. THIS version.) Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo took us back to the beginning of the Batman and presented us with a startlingly different version of Gotham and its Dark Knight. But the best is yet to come, and what’s yet to come begins arriving this Wednesday. So make sure you arrive at your local comic shop bright and early because you’re not going to want to miss out.

Like your bright and Metropolitan rather than dark and…er, Gothamey? This week also sees the release of the second issue of Snyder and Jim Lee’s blockbuster Superman saga, Superman Unchained! Last week’s issue was so massive that it took an entire poster to contain it! So what will this week’s new installment bring us? Well, we’ll have to wait until Wednesday to find out, but with this team behind the wheel, you know you’re in for a fun 20 pages.

Let’s see. We have Superman and Batman covered, but what about the Justice League? Well, which one? Because all of them play a part in “Trinity War,” the new massive crossover event that begins this week in JUSTICE LEAGUE #22 and ends with massive changes for everyone in the DCU. What sort of changes? What role will Pandora play in it? And how does Geoff Johns manage to write such amazing comics month after month? All these questions and more will be answered soon.

All of this, plus new issues of Green Lantern Corps, Batgirl, Nightwing and Suicide Squad. Plus, two new Before Watchmen Deluxe Edition collections, and the release of Harlan Ellison’s 7 Against Chaos, which features art by none other than Paul Chadwick!

Whew! Tomorrow's going to be a new comic day to remember. You just need to get through today, which will pass a lot more quickly if you use some of it to check out our previews below...

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