Yesterday, we revealed the three winners of our #Clarkkenting Photo Contest. However, shortly after we launched the contest, it became clear that #clarkkenting had transcended a simple Twitter contest and become an Internet trend. People were getting their kids to do it. Getting their dogs to do it. Getting their iguanas to do it!

Okay, maybe not iguanas (not yet, at least!). But it’s hard to deny that there’s something going on here. We may have given it a name and a fun hashtag, but #clarkkenting is something Superman fans have been doing for a while. They’ve done it in childhood photos. They’ve done it at their weddings. TV stars have done it on Comic-Con panels and news reporters have mentioned it on CNN. It’s only a matter of time until an astronaut takes a #clarkkenting pic in orbit. Why? Because it’s a fun way for fans to express their fandom that’s instantly recognizable to anyone who’s ever seen a Superman movie or comic.

We hope to see our fellow Superman fans striking this powerful pose throughout the summer. After all, you don’t need a contest to break out your best Clark Kent. You just need a camera.

Enjoy this look at some of the great Kent-inspired photos to hit the web over the past weeks!