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Announcing the #Clarkkenting Contest Winners!

Announcing the #Clarkkenting Contest Winners!

By Tim Beedle Monday, July 1st, 2013

It started as a contest, but soon became a trend, and it was all thanks to one quirky little hashtag and hundreds and hundreds of photos.

To help us celebrate “Superman Month” and the success of Man of Steel, we asked fans to submit photos of themselves “Clark Kenting”—recreating the famous Clark Kent pose where he dramatically pulls off his glasses and suit revealing that legendary red S beneath. At stake were bragging rights, along with three copies of the Man of Steel Soundtrack Deluxe Edition.

Above are the three contest winners along with our reasons for picking them. Trust us, it wasn’t an easy choice. In fact, we received so many other creative and fun entries that we want to share that one blog post isn’t enough. So look for a second post here tomorrow featuring many of the other great #clarkkenting photos we received. (If you entered and didn’t win, you just might show up in it!)

Congratulations to all of our winners. Have any of you considered a career in the field of mild-manner reporting?