Welcome to week ten of What's New in The New 52 – where you, the fans, get a sneak peek at the stuff that crosses our desks. This little feature is a way to keep you all in the loop about what's new, different and exciting in The New 52 – whether it's a character design, cover, splash page or panel.

In her New 52 introduction, Giganta will have a new leading lady to tower over: Pandora. As a member of the Secret Society, Giganta is adamant to retrieve Pandora’s infamous box. But why?

Joining Giganta on this ruthless quest is Vandal Savage. Like Pandora, Vandal is immortal – so it’s safe to assume that these two have crossed paths before. In fact, there’s quite a bit of history there. And when Vandal gets that eerie facial scar in TRINITY OF SIN: PANDORA #2, he’ll be sticking around the series long enough for you to find out just what that history is …

Above, take a first look at Mikel Janin’s designs for these two colossal characters.

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