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Exclusive Sneak Peek at GREEN LANTERN #21

Exclusive Sneak Peek at GREEN LANTERN #21

By Alex Nagorski Monday, May 27th, 2013

Following the thrilling conclusion of writer Geoff Johns’ historic near-decade run on GREEN LANTERN with last week’s issue #20, the acclaimed and New York Times bestselling series will be going in an all-new new direction with the introduction of the new creative team of writer Robert Venditti and artist Billy Tan.

Hitting stores on June 5th, GREEN LANTERN #21 is the inaugural chapter of a bold and exciting new era for the series. Today, get a sneak peek at the issue by taking your first look at Tan’s incredible interior art in the gallery above.

So where will we find protagonist Hal Jordan at the start of the series’ new story arc in GREEN LANTERN #21?

“In some ways, he’ll have more power than he ever has before, and that’s not necessarily a good thing,” Venditti said to IFANBOY. “Hal is the type of guy who flies alone in a fighter jet. He isn’t a platoon leader. He has never asked for nor wanted to be a leader, to have others on the hook for his decisions and actions. Being a hero and being a leader are two separate things, and Hal’s about to learn that the hard way.”

“It’s a really ambitious story. We are not coming out of the gate playing it safe. We are taking a lot of risks and hopefully people will respond in a positive way,” the writer continued to tease to AIN’T IT COOL NEWS.

As for Relic, the Green Lantern universe’s all-new villain who we introduced in our “What’s New In The New 52” column? Well, according to a recent conversation between Venditti and MTV GEEK, he’ll “tie together every Lantern of every color that has ever appeared in any comic book ever.” Now there’s an entrance! And don’t forget to check out Rags Morales’ variant covers for all the Green Lantern family titles this summer, as each one will show part of Relic’s origin story before being collected with new pages and full color/lettering in the series’ September issue.

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