Have you seen all the fine super hero drawings by kids on DC Comics Fan Family? These little artists are pretty handy with the felt-tips. Are your kids' favorites here?

Click through the gallery, and maybe it'll inspire your child's creativity. We encourage you to share their art with other DC Comics Fan Family readers.

We're looking for works in pen and ink, pencil, paint, crayon, and any 2-D media. How about images created on a tablet or phone? And we'd love to see photos of kids' sculptures in clay, pipe-cleaners, or any other 3-D materials.

You may have seen our "Fan Page" features in print in books like Tiny Titans and Superman Family Adventures -- we've been sharing our youngest fans’ art for years. Now that we've launched DC Comics Fan Family, we're psyched to share their DC character artwork online too.

Here are a few things to know before you send in these priceless masterpieces:

  • We ask that you include your child’s first name, age, city, state, or country.

  • We accept high-quality scans, JPEGs, GIFs, and photographs.

  • We’ll showcase as many submissions as we can each week.

  • We will not notify you directly if your child's art is featured (sorry!), so we encourage you to check back weekly and see. Bring the kids ... they might get inspired!

  • Pictures of your child should not be included in any photographs that you submit.

  • Finally, from our legal team:

All letters, photos, art and other materials submitted to us may be edited, translated (if applicable), and published by DC Comics and our licensees online and in any DC Comics publication in any media, along with the submitter’s first name, hometown, state or country. Also note that if your submission includes any original concepts, designs, or elements, and, if by some chance DC Comics or any of our licensees use the same or similar ones in the future, you will not be compensated or credited. Thanks.

Send your art to: kidsart@dcentertainment.com

Or by mail:

c/o DC Entertainment

4000 Warner Blvd.

Burbank, CA 91522

Thanks for sharing your kid’s art!