On April 2, We Can Be Heroes set an initial goal challenging fans to raise $50,000 to fight the hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa.  Three days later, empowered to ‘do good’ like their heroes, our fans met and exceeded that target-- so we increased the goal to $100,000.

Just like the Justice League, our fans joined the fight and emerged victorious – DC Entertainment is proud to announce that we’ve reached our $100,000 goal. Now we’re even more committed to empower fans to get something good, all while doing something great. As we count down the last few weeks of this campaign, we’ll announce new perks that will amaze and excite fans like never before.

Still available (just one more left!) is the opportunity to get into the sold-out SDCC, get the VIP treatment, AND hang out with the legendary artists behind the cowl, Geoff Johns and Gary Frank!

Even though we’ve met our goal, there is still a lot to do to help the Horn of Africa so we will continue to accept donations. The campaign ends on May 10th, so give now and get cool stuff while it's still available. 

Now’s your chance to donate, and make a difference.