Did we scare you? Shocks, surprises, twists and turns have been staples in comic book storytelling—nay, all forms of storytelling—since, well, forever. Nothing beats turning the page and gasping at a plot twist or revelation you didn’t see coming.

Every Wednesday comes jam-packed with these moments via DC Comics’ weekly releases, but for the month of April, we definitely upped the ante a bit with special gatefold covers revealing a major twist or surprise aimed to get readers stoked about this month’s issue. Needless to say, there were some shocktasticingly eye-popping moments throughout the month’s releases—from backstory revelations to character deaths to unexpected appearances. And while there are countless examples, here are just 5.2 Reasons April Has Kept Us on Edge.

Though before we get into this week’s column, a note. While we often discuss plot developments here in 5.2 Reasons, this week’s column is all about major April plot twists. Some are pretty well known by now, but others may be new to you if you’re behind on your comic book reading. In other words, SPOILERS AHEAD! And now that that’s out of the way…


1. A Familiar Face

Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason have been killing it on Batman and Robin ever since the title’s launch in September 2011. After last month’s phenomenal and touching silent issue commemorating the tragic death of Damian Wayne, they followed it up with an issue featuring none other than Carrie Kelly, the would-be Robin of THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS.


2. This Is How the World Ends

Poor, poor Sinestro. He might not be the nicest of people, but Sinestro really was trying when it came to his sudden and unexpected duties as a Green Lantern. In fact, he was doing a shockingly good job and it seemed that the one-time villain we all knew might actually make it as a hero—that is until the First Lantern decided to go, “Ha! To heck with that!” and proceeded to BLOW UP SINESTRO’S HOME PLANET pushing him to embrace the power of Fear once more.


3. I Have a Question

Ever since his appearance in the DC COMICS—THE NEW 52 FCBD special, fans have been questioning where exactly the Question went. After a long absence, the mysterious member of the Trinity of Sin unexpectedly reappeared in the pages of this month’s Phantom Stranger... and proceeded to betray the titular the hero, leaving him for dead.