Ever since its debut in 1937, DETECTIVE COMICS has been a staple of the DC Universe. Responsible for introducing the world to iconic characters such as Batman, Robin and Batgirl, it’s no wonder that DC Comics is pulling out all the stops by making this month’s issue of the series a special 80-page spectacular to celebrate a very important milestone for the series.

In stores tomorrow, the 900th issue of DETECTIVE COMICS (DETECTIVE COMICS #19) features a magnificent collection of stories featuring the Dark Knight and the citizens of Gotham City.

“The 900,” written by John Layman and illustrated by Jason Fabok, reveals a previously unmentioned corner of Gotham City now forced into the spotlight when the residents are infected by the deadly Manbat virus.

Next up is “Birth of a Family,” written by John Layman and illustrated by Andy Clarke, where Francine Langstrom makes a shocking decision in order to save her husband Kurt (a.k.a. Manbat) from himself.

Then in James Tynion IV’s “War Council” illustrated by Mikel Janin, Bane reveals discovers another enemy standing in the way of his quest to rule Gotham.

After that, Mr. Combustible reveals Emperor Penguin’s dastardly deeds to his former employer in “Birdwatching,” written by John Layman and illustrated by Henrik Jonsson and Sandu Florea.

And finally in “Through a Blue Lens,” written by John Layman and illustrated Jason Masters, the members of Gotham’s finest reveal their true feelings concerning Batman.

Plus, don’t miss additional pin up art placed throughout the issue from artists such as Dustin Nguyen, Chris Burnham, Brett Booth, and Francesco Francavilla! Check out the gallery above for an exclusive preview of this landmark issue.