SPOILER ALERT: If you have not read THE FLASH #18 and do not wish to know what happens, stop reading this post now (major spoilers ahead!)

“Gorilla Warfare” is over, and Barry Allen (a.k.a. The Flash) has defeated Grodd and his overwhelming gorilla army. But will the Scarlett Speedster be able to rebuild the Gem Cities by himself? Or will he need a little extra help?

In “The Heroes’ Journey,” from the creative team of writer Brian Buccellato and artist Marcio Takara, Barry must adjust to life as a suspended police scientist and a full time super hero.

Now that the gorillas are gone, Barry and the citizens of the Gem Cities must deal with the aftermath of the invasion. The Flash has been working overtime in order to bring things back to normal, but unfortunately being a hero doesn’t pay. To support himself, Barry continues working as a bartender at the Keystone Saloon, which happens to be the oldest bar in the city and a hangout for the Gem Cities’ resident bad guys.

While working the night shift, Barry finds The Trickster at the bar. They begin a friendly conversation, but before Barry can get any information out of him, the cops arrive! There is a warrant out for Axel Walker (a.k.a. The Trickster)’s arrest, and he’s wanted for robbery and murder!

Could Axel really be capable of murder? Barry doesn’t seem to think so, and he sneaks out of work to investigate the situation. But the not-so-dynamic duo of The Speed Force is already on the case!

You may recognize these inexperienced heroes as Albert and Gomez, two of the innocent bystanders that were trapped in The Speed Force along with Iris West. And it appears that they came out with powers!

Before the situation can get any worse, The Flash uses his super speed to capture The Trickster and turn him in to the police. But now he has to deal with shutting down this fledgling super hero operation before someone gets hurt.

The Flash summons all of the people who were trapped in The Speed Force in order to investigate their powers and encourage them to stop using them before someone gets hurt. Unfortunately, their meeting is interrupted by a news alert.

The Outlanders, who happen to be The Trickster’s new “crime” family, have declared his innocence and threatened to break him out of Iron Heights Penitentiary if he is not released!

Now, The Flash must prove Axel’s innocence before a potential political firestorm! With Patty’s help, Barry takes the case file and begins his own investigation. But nothing adds up, and he ventures to Iron Gate for some information not available in the file. He quickly questions The Trickster, and heads to the armory to test his trick bombs which are the only viable pieces of evidence available.

But the fully armed Outsiders arrive at Iron Heights before The Flash can test the bombs! Looks like he will have to stop his investigation and disarm an entire army instead.

The Flash attempts to leave the armory to save the day, but his powers and costume disappear in a flash of light, leaving a now helpless Barry Allen trapped in the armory. 

Will Barry figure a way out before it’s too late? And what happened to his powers?! Place your bets in the comments section below, and check out DIAL H #11 to see what happens next!

In the gallery above, take a look at the final page of “The Heroes’ Journey,” as Barry realizes his powers are gone. And be sure to pick up a copy of THE FLASH #18, in stores now!