Many fans have been taking the death of young Damian Wayne hard, and for good reason. Since his introduction, Damian struggled against his violent and dangerous tendencies to become a force for good in the war against crime in Gotham. Even more important, he had embraced his role within the Wayne family, building relationships not just with his father, but other extended members such as Alfred, Dick, Barbara and Tim. Sometimes those relationships were competitive and fueled by a (often dangerous in Damian’s case) youthful need to be the best to ever wear the red and yellow, but that just made Damian a more fascinating character.

Yes, we’re all mourning the loss of Damian Wayne. But if fans are taking it hard, how do you think our characters are going to fare?

This week, we start to find out as a series of “Requiem” issues hit the Bat books dealing with the repercussions of last month’s BATMAN, INCORPORATED #8. Look for gripping, emotional storylines in BATMAN #18, BATGIRL #18 and an all-silent BATMAN AND ROBIN #18. We’ve got previews of all three issues below, along with first looks at the new installments of Threshold, Demon Knights, Green Lantern Corps, Suicide Squad, the second issue of Katana and the final issue of Before Watchmen: Ozymandias! We’d say there’s nothing to take your mind off a death in the Bat family like a giant squid, but if you’ve read WATCHMEN you know that the squid’s responsible for…well…never mind.

Here’s what hit the web this past week…

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