Back in October, we announced that writer Scott Snyder and artist Jim Lee would be teaming up to bring you a new Superman title that promises to elevate the already high-flying hero to new heights and force him to face off against foes familiar and new, as only two of the top industry talents can.


Yesterday, USA TODAY exclusively announced that the series, which lands in stores this June, will be titled SUPERMAN UNCHAINED.


“We're all fans and we've all known this character for a long time," Jim Lee told USA TODAY about the challenge of tackling the iconic Man of Steel. “You have to fight your natural tendency to do what you know or what you've always thought the character to be.”


Along with Snyder, Lee hopes that the series will show readers “really how this small little figure, this human-shaped character, can literally move mountains.” But the title is not the only news we have to share about this exciting new series!


USA TODAY also announced that SUPERMAN UNCHAINED will feature a back-up story written by Snyder and illustrated by Dustin Nguyen. They also revealed that fans will get their first look at this eagerly-anticipated series when a sneak peek of it will be featured in this year’s annual Free Comic Book Day issue.


Head on over to USA TODAY to read their full coverage, including interviews with the SUPERMAN UNCHAINED creative team of Jim Lee and Scott Snyder, as well as with Greg Pak and Jae Lee, the creative team of the recently announced new series, BATMAN/SUPERMAN (which will also be launching in June).


(The cover for SUPERMAN UNCHAINED #1 by Jim Lee and Scott Williams)