James Robinson Talks the Shadowy World of The Shade With POPMATTERS

James Robinson Talks the Shadowy World of The Shade With...

By Alex Nagorski Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Attention STARMAN fans! After much anticipation, writer James Robinson (EARTH 2) has returned to the world of his acclaimed STARMAN series with an epic 12-issue miniseries starring the enigmatic antihero known as the Shade.


THE SHADE, a new paperback collected edition that compiles the entire miniseries, invites readers to venture back into the shadowy world of the Shade and uncover the back story of this immortal master of dark, which has remained a mystery … until now.


Recently, writer James Robinson chatted with POPMATTERS about THE SHADE and his overall thoughts on the character. 


“When it comes to the Shade and class,” Robinson told POPMATTERS, “that was really one of the things that I enjoyed about him. It’s not as if he is an upper-class villain who’s above everything. But it’s something that’s really happened to him over his transformation. The character that he was when he was Richard Swift was an importer’s agent. He was basically a middle class guy. And by killing Richard Swift so to speak, he basically created this new character that could create his own class, and a new persona … one of the things I liked about the Shade—he’s this character that’s not completely true to who he was, but he’s having a lot of fun being this new creation that became the reality for him when he became the Shade, 10 years after the events that take place in issue 12 of the mini-series you’ve just read.”


Head on over to POPMATTERS to read their full interview with Robinson and to see an exclusive preview of THE SHADE, which goes on sale in comic book stores tomorrow and in book stores everywhere next Tuesday.