Please ignore the raggedness and puffy eyes. It’s... it’s been a rough 24 hours following the events of yesterday’s BATMAN INCORPORATED #8. For those of you who missed it, we suggest you check it out immediately. We’ll wait right here.


Back? Cool. Here are some tissues and ice cream, and yes, that is REM’s “Everybody Hurts” playing in the background.


Tough stuff, huh? We know that feel. The brutal, tragic, heartbreaking loss of Damian Wayne hit us pretty hard but we can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like for the Dark Knight. Coupled with the recent events in “Death of the Family,” it’s safe to say that Batman’s in a pretty dark place right now. You know, as opposed to the sunny and chipper state he’s normally in.


However, he’s not the only one. The entire Bat-Family experienced some tough, gut-wrenching moments—and we were feeling the pain right along with them. In fact, here are 5.2 Reasons the Bat-Books Wreck Us!


1. Alas Poor Damian...

As painful and tear-jerking as the actual death itself was, the final interaction of Damian and Nightwing is what really gets the waterworks going. It’s a touching moment made even more emotional by the knowledge these were their last moments together—but at least they were spent being totally awesome. While you’re at it, be sure to check out the Batman & Robin Annual #1. Why? Because misery loves company, that’s why!



2. The Death of the Family

Grant Morrison may have taken Damian away from Bruce, but writer Scott Snyder pretty much took away everyone else. With the conclusion of “Death of the Family,” Batman finds himself not only in arguably the darkest place he’s even been but also all alone in it, with the members of the Bat-Family distancing themselves from the Dark Knight following his questionable decisions and secrets regarding the Joker. Talk about aptly your titled crossovers.



3. Closing of the Circus

It’s really no wonder why Dick Grayson won our recent Valentine’s Day poll as DC Comics’ “Most Dateable Super Hero.” He’s funny, he’s athletic and above all, he’s generally a really nice guy with a lot of heart—which is what made it all the more painful to see the Joker destroy the life he was building for himself at Haly’s Circus. There’s nothing more distressing than a sad-face Nightwing. You just want to give him a hug and a churro.



4. Poor, Poor Jason Todd

It’s in the heading, but it bears repeating: poor, poor Jason Todd, pretty much the Cousin Oliver of the Bat-Family. First the Joker beats you to death with a crowbar, then you went a little—okay, a lot—insane after being resurrected in the Lazarus Pits, and now we can’t even say, “Well, at least you’ve still got your boyish looks.” You just can’t catch a break dude. We’d give you some words of encouragement but at this point, we’re terrified that even the slightest bit of positivity toward you might cause the universe to retaliate by having your puppy killed.



5. Family Matters

There’s always one in every family—that sociopathic killer that could care less about others and who enjoys torturing and toying with their older sister. Okay, maybe not every family but definitely the Gordon’s. Already cautious of her younger brother, Batgirl learned the hard way that there’s no helping James and is now facing her brother in what could very well be their final confrontation.



5.1 Literally Right in the Heart, Morrison!



5.2 Reading Batman: Li’l Gotham Now Makes Us Sad

Thanks a lot, Grant! *Breaks Down Crying*



What were your favorite Damain Wayne moments? Just... like... let us know in the comments. We’ll check them out once we stop weeping like a baby.