Deadshot. China White. Malcolm Merlyn. On their own, they’re dangerous and deadly. So what happens when all three converge in Starling City? Fans of Arrow will find out in tonight’s new episode, “Dead to Rights.” In addition to a generous helping edge-of-your-seat action, look for more flashbacks with Slade Wilson, some significant developments in Tommy Merlyn’s relationship with his father, and the first appearance of Laurel’s mother, Dinah Lance!

So what does it take to put together such a high-stakes episode? In the case of “Dead to Rights,” it starts by hiring comic book writer and
DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns to write the script. Below, Geoff shares two exclusive scenes from tonight’s episode as well as his thoughts on each. For the first scene, we’re giving you a look at a page from his script, and for the second, a clip of the scene as you’ll see it tonight.


Enjoy this journey from script to screen, Arrow style!





Ah! Look at that -- revised pages on my birthday -- January 25th! So you can see the character, dialogue and action -- everything is in italics, which in Arrow-scriptese means that this is indeed a flashback on the island. And those two names should stand out to fans -- you've got Oliver Queen, pre-Green Arrow, and Slade Wilson, pre-Deathstroke. This relationship that's developed between the two on the island during the course of the last episodes has really sparked to life I think -- and is beginning to build the foundation of a Green Arrow/Deathstroke duo that we've never seen before.

Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kriesberg and Marc Guggenheim -- the producers and showrunners of Arrow -- obviously took a page from GREEN ARROW: YEAR ONE by Andy Diggle and Jock when it comes to the island -- Oliver's not alone. And the team has taken that further by developing a complex world of characters, events and a timeline that takes us through the five years Oliver was trapped on the island.






This scene from "Dead to Rights" cuts to the heart of the episode which explores Tommy's relationship with his father and how Oliver attempts to help Tommy deal with it. I think there have been a lot of questions from the diehards who know Merlyn from the comics about how Tommy and his father, Malcolm Merlyn, fit into the big picture. This episode will bring everything one step closer to the lore in the comics, particularly in a scene later on in the episode.

Speaking of the comics...what other characters would you like to see in the show?

Hope you enjoy it and thanks for watching!