And the Oscar goes to…. Quentin Tarantino and DJANGO UNCHAINED for Best Original Screenplay. Fans of the film and the award-winning Director/Screenwriter can read the original script in its entirety in Vertigo’s comic book adaptation currently on sale at comic book retailers and for digital download.


As announced last summer at San Diego Comic Con, Tarantino’s original screenplay is adapted by producer Reginald Hudlin and drawn by R.M. Guera (SCALPED) and Jason Latour. DJANGO UNCHAINED extends the movie experience for those who want more.  Readers can immerse themselves in the original story, as Tarantino first drafted it, in a whole new way by experiencing scenes that may not have made it to the film, much like ‘deleted extras’ on a film’s DVD. 


In his acceptance speech, Tarantino said,  "I have to say in both the Original and Adapted categories, the writing is just fantastic -- this will be the writer's year, man. I love the competition."   The award-winning director/screenwriter also talked about his desire for the characters to live on past the silver screen. Well, now they live on in the form of the DJANGO UNCHAINED six-issue comic book series.  


“Congratulations to Quentin on last night’s Oscar win for Best Original Screenplay! Creating the comic book adaptation of DJANGO UNCHAINED has given Vertigo a fantastic opportunity to extend the experience of Quentin’s brilliant screenplay and enable his characters to live on past the movie,” says Diane Nelson, President of DC Entertainment.  “We are very proud to be working with a great filmmaker like Quentin, and all of us at Vertigo and DC Entertainment congratulate him on his Oscar win.”


And congrats to Christoph Waltz, who also got a nod as Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Dr. King Schultz.


If you haven't picked up the first two comics yet and want to see more, head over to MOVIEPHONE for the preview of issue #1 and SLASHFILM for the preview of issue #2.


Look for DJANGO UNCHAINED issue #3 on March 20th!