SPOILER ALERT: If you have not read ANIMAL MAN #17 yet and do not wish to know what happens, stop reading this post now (major spoiler alerts ahead!)


You may have already read our “This Just Happened” post about GREEN ARROW #17. But with so many exciting things happening in the DC Universe this week, we couldn’t resist a bonus installment of this column today!


From the creative team of writers Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire and artists Steve Pugh, Timothy Green, and Joseph Silver, ANIMAL MAN #17 serves as the first part of the grand finale of the “Rotworld.” In this epic crossover, the two elemental sides of life in the DC Universe – the Red (animals) and the Green (plants) – come together for the first time in order to defeat the Rot (check out our “5.2 Reasons to Venture Into ‘Rotworld’” for more information!).


In “Rotworld: War of the Rot,” Buddy Baker (a.k.a. Animal Man) and the other agents of the Red have come to the castle of Anton Arcane to end the war against the Rot once and for all. As Animal Man and his allies battle “rotted” versions of the Justice League, Frankenstein bravely squares off against Wonder Woman and loses his arm in the process!


Just when it seems like Arcane and his Rot army will win the fight, the Green arrives at the castle. Swamp Thing, a man-bat serum-infused Batgirl, and other citizens of Gotham work together to take down Superman and a Rot army made up of various villains of the DC Universe.


The battle rages on and there is only one way to stop it. Animal Man and Swamp Thing must join forces and confront Aracane! But, Animal Man hesitates leaving his friends behind, severely outnumbered. As Buddy Baker decides what to do, Sheperd and his army come to the rescue!


With the arrival of Sheperd, the agents of the Red find new energy and begin to fight back against the Rot like never before. Medphyll, a Green Lantern rescued from a “rotted” Metropolis is among those agents. But this Lantern from space is not prepared for the Rot and all its power. In the midst of the battle, he is decapitated by the Rot!


Without a Green Lantern on their side, all hope seems lost for the agents of the Red. But Medphyll’s ring has a mind of its own and finds a new owner amongst the warriors: Frankenstein!


Below, take a look at the tragic death of Medphyll and his ring’s declaration that Frankenstein is worthy of the mantle of Green Lantern. Will Frankenstein accept the ring and the responsibilities that come with it? And what horrors await Animal Man and Swamp Thing if they infiltrate Arcane’s castle?


Place your bets in the comments section and find out what happens next by reading the rest of the finale of “Rotworld” in ANIMAL MAN #17 and SWAMP THING #17, in stores now.