Since the launch of DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 in September of 2011, prolific writer and comic book industry legend Grant Morrison has been writing the adventures of Superman in ACTION COMICS.


But on March 6th, the release of ACTION COMICS #18 will mark Morrison’s final issue as the series’ writer. Concluding a story nearly a full year-and-a-half in the making, this special oversized issue will surely quickly become a “must-have” item for comic book collectors.


“It's possibly like no Superman story before, there's a lot of stuff going on it,” Morrison told MTV GEEK about his finale in ACTION COMICS #18. “The readers themselves are implicated in the story. We're going to se a lot of Red Kryptonite hallucinations. The idea is basically; the villain is from the 5th Dimension, this character Lord Vyndktvx is attacking Superman in a lot of different levels. I thought it would be fun to show what it would actually be like to be attacked by a being from a higher mathematical reality who's got control of all your life and can enter from any point. And from that it seems that would be a kind of big battle, it wouldn't just be a big physical battle it would happen in all kinds of levels. So I think what we've done to the comic is we've created this battle between Superman and a monster that resonates across a whole bunch of different ways of attacking Superman including conceptually and morally and physically. So it's a real big assault on the idea of Superman and of course our hero fights back.”


“You can look forward to the debut of a new DC Comics super team in ACTION COMICS #18, and it ties into one of the characters that’s been in there before,” Morrison teased to IGN. “There’s a lot of Easter eggs and surprises.”


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