Yesterday, AQUAMAN #16 splashed into stores and continued “Throne of Atlantis.” And if you’ve already picked up and read the issue, you know that the stakes couldn’t be higher as this monumental crossover event gears up to its epic conclusion in next month’s JUSTICE LEAGUE #17.


But how will the end of “Throne of Atlantis” impact AQUAMAN? Below, check out some exciting teases for February’s issue #17 and see if you can figure out what’s coming next for Arthur and Co.!


  • AQUAMAN #17 will serve as a “Throne of Atlantis” epilogue.
  • The issue will feature an appearance by the Sea Devils, who are not too happy about the post-“Throne of Atlantis” world … AT ALL.
  • Following the events of “Throne of Atlantis,” Amanda Waller’s hands will get dirty.
  • The issue will mark the debut of new cast member, Murk!
  • And finally, AQUAMAN #17 will thrust us right into the next major series arc – with an all-new villain destined to shake what you know about AQUAMAN to its core!


Below, take a first look at some of series artist Paul Pelletier’s exciting interior art for the upcoming AQUAMAN #17. And don’t forget to pick up the issue when it hits the spinner rack on February 27.