It may be nearly February, but with the fun we’ve been having this month, it feels like the New Year’s Eve party still hasn’t ended. (Or maybe it’s because we’re still wearing the cardboard hats they gave us.) Either way, we’d like to welcome you to a new year and ring in 2013 with new questions for the Ask DC Collectibles team of Jim Fletcher, Director, Creative Services and Kevin Kiniry, Vice President, Creative Services. They made their resolutions (read comics, make collectibles, enjoy life) and feel they’re ready to take on all of the wonders of the year ahead.


So let’s turn the floor over to them and see what burning questions have made their way into the mix…



Will you allow Fan-Choice figures in the future?


We love our fans, and really want to continue interacting with you by providing lots of opportunities for fans to tell us what interests them. The Facebook page and our convention panels are two great ways to do that. In addition, we are looking at Facebook polls that will let fans weigh-in on their favorite characters. In other words…stay tuned.



What are usual run numbers for 6” figures? Is it dictated strictly by preorders?  


Actually, no. Because of the long production cycle required to make a collectible, we decide on the number of figures that will be produced early on in the process based on ordering trends, similar past product and an analysis of the collectibles market at the time of release. Or we ask Madame Xanadu and do what she tells us.



Are there plans to scale up some Injustice figures? We want 6 inch scale!


Variety is the spice of life. Our mothers used to tell us that when we were young. Granted, usually it was to make us eat something other than mac and cheese, but it made an impression on us, and for good reason—it’s true! As fans, we know you want options, and we’re very excited about the options you’ll have with our upcoming 3 ¾ scale Injustice figures. We’ll be bringing you a wide selection of characters at a perfect size for staging your own super hero smackdowns on your desk or coffee table. And if you are looking for a larger scale Injustice offering, check out what Mattel will be producing this year in their DC Unlimited line.




You may not want to let these two overhear you calling them “small”…



Seeing as there is a Flashpoint movie coming out this year, can we expect to see a Flash or Reverse Flash maquette coming out alongside it?


We’re afraid there are no plans for a maquette this time around, but we do like to work with our friends at Warner Home Entertainment on something special to include in their collector editions when available. So keep your eyes peeled for announcements.



Does a book’s sales or popularity solely effect its chances of being made into an action figure, or does creator or company prediction and speculation play a larger role?


There are a lot of factors that affect a single product. Popularity of a book and character does play into it because we want to make sure the largest amount of people will be happy with the choice. In addition, there are times when the company is working on projects behind the scenes that will feature a character or property in a bigger way. That may encourage DC Collectibles to go forward with an action figure, bust or statue of a character that we consider up-and-coming. And finally, we do hear what our fans are asking for. We may not always be able to supply it, but it does factor into our discussions.


Those are our questions for this installment, but seeing as how this is the first Ask DC Collectibles for the year, let’s go ahead and address another question that comes up pretty regularly. Fans ask us about Minimates pretty often, but we’re sorry to say that there are no plans for DC Collectibles to get back into the Minimates category. D’oh!



That’s it for this month. But please stay tuned for some additional info on DC Collectibles as early as next week as we move into February and celebrate Toy Fair 2013 in New York City.