DC Week-In-Review: January 11th

DC Week-In-Review: January 11th

By Tim Beedle Friday, January 11th, 2013

Happy New Year, everyone!

Okay, perhaps we’re a bit tardy with our good tidings, but the year is still fairly new, and if you’re a DC fan, you were probably pretty happy this week. So heck, late or not, it still makes sense—happy New Year! We hope you’re all set for an exciting new year full of great comics, movies, TV, animation, games and collectibles, all starring your favorite heroes and villains. Oh, and a year full of Weeks-In-Review as well, because we know that’s really what you’re here for.


…Anybody? Hello?


All right, so maybe you don’t come to DCComics.com just to read the Week-In-Review. We’ll still be here throughout the year ahead to help you stay on top of the breaking news, exciting stories and cool new features here on the site. Trust us, with how much we have planned for the year, you just may need us.


Here’s what went down this week on the DC Comics website…


We started things off with an exhilarating new glimpse of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2, the latest DC Universe Animated Original Movie. We’d imagine that by now, Batman fans have not only seen the clip but likely slowed it down and savored it frame-by-glorious-frame, but if you managed to miss it, you can check out the clip right here.


Next month, Green Arrow’s ongoing series gets some fresh blood as the excellent new creative team of Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino take over. On Wednesday, Lemire discussed some of the challenges that came with the new gig, as well as offered up a tantalizing tease of Ollie’s latest nemesis, Komodo. Check out what he had to say here.


Also on Wednesday, the DC Collectibles crew launched a new edition of Spoiler Alert. This one’s extra-tough, and so far, no one seems to have gotten it. Think you’ll be the one to figure it out? Well, check out the first image and take your best guess. Then keep an eye on the DC Collectibles Facebook page over the weekend for more Spoiler Alert images.


It’s been a very big week for Django Unchained. Yesterday we learned that the film racked up some pretty big Oscar nominations, and on Sunday, we’ll see if it walks away with any Golden Globes. (Fingers crossed!) But the movie’s not the only version of Django that’s been doing well. The first issue of Vertigo’s comic book adaptation has sold out and a second printing is on the way. And did you know that the story is being adapted to comics by Reggie Hudlin, one of the producers of the film? He’s been talking to some of the biggest comic book sites around about the Django comic, and we have a roundup of some of those links right here. Finally, be sure to check out this short clip of Reggie talking about the comic with a comic book fan who also knows a few things about the movie—Mr. Samuel L. Jackson!


On Thursday our minds all went to rot, as did our website, as we broke down the 5.2 reasons we should all venture into Rotworld. You just might not want to do it too late at night…


Earth 2 took a turn for the wicked this week with a story that focused on the villainous Steppenwolf. There were shocks a-plenty to be found within its 20 pages, but the biggest of all may have been his partner-in-conquest. Click here to learn who it was, and other secrets of this high-stakes issue in this week’s This Just Happened.


Finally, we thought the best way to get everyone pumped for the start of an exciting new year of DC comics was to look at some of the best moments in last year’s comics. We’ve selected a dozen truly jaw-dropping moments and compiled them into a two-part feature that we’re calling “12 ‘Holy Smoke!’ Moments in Comics From 2012.” You can check out the first part by clicking here, and the second part by clicking right here. Don’t forget, if you missed out on any of them, you can still buy or download the issue. After all, how else are you going to get ready for an even-more-thrilling 2013.


But right now, we need to get ready for a thrilling weekend. Cleaning out your mother-in-law’s attic is totally thrilling…right? Well, either way, we hope you have a great two days and we’ll see you in seven.

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