SPOILER ALERT: If you have not read THE FLASH #15 and do not wish to know what happens, stop reading this post now (major spoilers ahead!)


Earlier this week, we showed you an exclusive preview of THE FLASH #15 and mentioned that Barry Allen would have to go to extreme measures to defeat Grodd while the Gorillas take over the Gem Cities. Well if you picked up the issue when it hit stores this past Wednesday, you know exactly what we were talking about!


In the acclaimed series’ current arc, “Gorilla Warfare,” King Grodd and his gorilla army invade Central City in order to steal the Speed Force from The Flash. But when all of these gorillas are too much for Barry Allen to handle on his own, he finds unlikely allies to help him defend the city: the Rogues!


Leaving the Rogues to defend the city, The Flash battles Grodd, who is not only a giant talking gorilla with advanced technology and super strength – he has now also harnessed the Speed Force’s energy! Has The Flash finally met his match?


On the other side of town, Turbine promises Patty (the love of Barry Allen's life) that he will help her find Barry if she helps him find a certain someone first. Together, they visit Solovar, a time traveling gorilla, who promises to help save the city from Grodd’s reign. Meanwhile, the just released from jail Daniel West searches for his sister, Iris, in the midst of the battle. Little does he know, she’s trapped in the Speed Force.


Just as Grodd is about to end Barry’s life, Solovar and the humans arrive via teleportation, and he sacrifices himself to save the life of the fastest man alive. And as if that’s not enough shock for one day, Patty discovers that Barry is The Flash in that very same moment!


Flash forward to the events of this week’s issue, FLASH #15. Thanks to Turbine and Patty, Grodd has now lost the energy of the Speed Force. But the gorilla king is the least of their worries, as Barry still lies unconscious while the city falls to the power of Grodd’s merciless army.


There is only one thing that can save them all: Speed Mind. When Barry’s body lies paralyzed, his thoughts race forward revealing possible scenarios that all lead to the defeat of the humans and triumph of the gorillas.


In a true act of selflessness, Barry can only think of one solution that can save Central City and perhaps the world: He has to give himself over to Grodd!


Below, take a look at the final page of THE FLASH #15 as Barry Allen awakens and realizes the sacrifice he must make, and place your bets for what that means for the future of The Scarlet Speedster in the comments section below.


THE FLASH #15 is in stores now and comes to you from the creative team of Francis Manapul, Brian Buccellato, Marcus To, and Ryan Winn.