Last month, readers were shocked as the “H’El on Earth” crossover delivered a huge twist: a budding relationship between the maniacal H’El and the homesick Supergirl (for more about that and for a re-cap of the crossover event thus far, click here).


If you picked up SUPERMAN #15 when it hit shelves yesterday, you already know who the Man of Steel will turn to for help to put a stop to H’El and his destructive plan: The Justice League. But when the World’s Greatest Superheroes go to the battlefield against Kara and her Kryptonian ally in this month’s issue #16, will Superman be able to stop his cousin before it’s too late for our planet?


“There's a fight coming up between Flash and Supergirl, and when it was originally being written, one of the initial thoughts was, well, Flash is a member of the Justice League, so Kara would have to think twice about going up against these powerful heroes,” writer Scott Lobdell teased to NEWSARAMA about the upcoming SUPERMAN #16. “But again, that's just not true with these characters. As far as I can tell, Kara has been on Earth for about three weeks and hasn't met the Justice League. And she sees them as a bunch of people in costumes with kind of limited superpowers. As far as she's concerned, a group of people trying to express authority over her when she's trying to get Krypton back on its feet, she would have no personal regard or even respect for the Justice League.”


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