The holiday season is upon us once again, which means only one thing. Well, actually, it means several things: hot apple cider is in season, we get to watch back-to-back marathons of "Love, Actually," "Elf" and "Die Hard" (the three best Christmas films), we're going to gain about 20 pounds JUST from binging on eggnog, and—most importantly in regards to this column—presents! So. Many. Presents.


The holiday shopping season is one filled with danger, chaos and general insanity. Staring down those aisles trying to figure out what to get your friends and family members while surrounded by people basically at war with one another is like venturing into the mountains of madness. You don't leave the same. You've seen things. Dark things.


Which is why we are here to help! We're breaking down some awesomely nerdy stuff for the DC comics fans in your life, and it’s all available for purchase at awesome comic shops, bookstores, online retailers and right here in the DC Entertainment Shop. So worry not about this holiday seasons—we've got you covered with 5.2 Reasons Gifts to Give This Holiday Season!


1. Enough Graphic Novels to Stuff Every Stocking

Why not give your loved ones the gift of words—accompanied by stellar art—with graphic novels featuring the best and brightest and world's greatest. From seminal classics like WATCHMEN, THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS and ALL-STAR SUPERMAN to the brave new world of DC COMICS – THE NEW 52 with critically acclaimed trade collections of popular titles like Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, the Flash and more—not to mention original graphic novels like BATMAN: EARTH ONE and SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE. There's something for every type of fan, old and new.



2. Statues Up the Wahzoo

Think your friend's living or work space looks a little drab? Well, help them spruce it up with some fantastic DC Comics statues and busts! There are plenty to choose from! We have two lines featuring the lovely ladies of the DCU. The Ame-Comi line gives our heroines an anime-style makeover, while the Cover Girls line features the good, the bad and the beautiful with statues dedicated to Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl and most recently, the Joker's leading lady, Harley Quinn!


There's also the Batman Black and White statues modeled after distinct designs of the Dark Knight by some of comics' most talented creators, and the Superman vs. Batman statue perfectly captures the epic battle between the Man of Steel and the Caped Crusader from the pages of The Dark Knight Returns. And as for who's watching the Watchmen, well, it'll be everyone who swings by and sees these breathtaking statues on display!



3. Silent Knight, Dark Knight

We mentioned three Christmas classics at the top, but they're not the only movies you can binge on this holiday season. Nothing says Happy Holidays like Batman punching villains in the face (clearly cause villains ruin Christmas parties, so punching them is totally within the holiday spirit) and with the release of "The Dark Knight Rises" on DVD and Blu-Ray and "The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1" animated feature, there's a lot of face-punching and butt-kicking to be had.



4. Staying Warm—and Stylish—in the Winter

Keep warm in the winter with jackets and hoodies or just rock out in your favorite T—from Superman and Batman to Shazam and every Corps in the Emotional Spectrum! There are options for grown fans, as well as the youngest of heroes with infant snapsuits. And don’t overlook the limited supply "Dark Knight" tees by Design by Humans and those awesome, awesome Arkham City customizable Chuck Taylor All Stars! (That’s one “awesome” for each foot, because these shoes deserve nothing less.)



5. Eggnog Carriers

Just got back from a tough battle with Darkseid? Well, quench your thirst with... Oh, forget it. Look at the capes! They have little capes on them! It's too awesome!



5.1 Deck the Halls

With the perfect balance of nerdy and chic: Archival Prints and Posters!



5.2 Vinyl Pop! Figures

Just look at them! They're adorable!



Those are our 5.2, but we wanted to call your attention to one more item, and we didn’t want it to get lost in the middle of our column. Therefore, you can consider this one a bonus, but an important one. Because with this item, you’re really giving two gifts at once:


We Can Be Heroes Justice League 7-Pack

The holiday season is really all about the spirit of giving, and with this particular gift you're not only giving the DC fan in your life a great collection of action figures, but you’re also helping people in need. With each purchase, $10 will go directly to saving lives in the Horn of Africa.



So what gifts are giving this holiday season? What gifts are you hoping to get? And if there’s one holiday song that you wish you never had to hear again, what is it? Come on, we know there’s one! Leave your comments below, and look for more great holiday features here on in the months ahead.