What do Grant Morrison, Greg Capullo and Dave Gibbons have in common? All three men have created comics for DC and all three have photos included in our latest batch of DCComics.com talent portraits.


If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, allow us to recap a bit. Over the past year, we’ve been taking our mobile photo studio and crack team of professional photographers to some of the biggest comic book conventions in the country to capture our talented creators on film. Our first convention was Wondercon, then C2E2, and then San Diego Comic-Con. Throughout it all, the response to the portraits has been phenomenal, so to make sure we ended the year on a good note, we sent our studio to one final 2012 convention: New York Comic-Con.


Considering how many of our writers and artists live in or near New York, we knew this would be a big convention for us, and we weren’t disappointed. All told, we added over 30 new portraits to our talent directory.


You can see a few of them below, but why don’t you take a pass through our directory and see how many you can find? Then come back to THE SOURCE on Wednesday for the full list.


Grant Morrison


Andy Kubert


Phil Jimenez


(All photos by Mike Jara Photography)