Earlier today, we teased tomorrow’s release of ACTION COMICS ANNUAL #1. There are lots of reasons to be excited for this super-sized issue, but one of the biggest ones that’ll have us running to comic book stores as soon as they open is its back-up story, “Anchiale.”


Written by Chronicle screenwriter Max Landis and featuring breathtaking art by Ryan Sook (WEDNESDAY COMICS; JONAH HEX; BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER), this silent 8-page story introduces a classic Superman villain into DC COMICS-THE NEW 52.


But who is this villain? According to Landis, he “is a character that's always been a nefarious villain, but he's never reached the heights of the A-list villain. His, in a broad sense, anonymity was definitely something that really intrigued me,” the writer revealed in a recent interview with COMIC BOOK RESOURCES. “If you saw Chronicle, you know nothing appeals to me more than to spend a lot of time with one character. I love to explore why they are the way they are. I've only got eight pages here, but I tried to do that.”


To hear more from Landis about this back-up story and to find out which villain will be joining the ever-expanding DC Universe, check out some more interviews the writer conducted with NEWSARAMA, IFANBOY, and COMIC VINE.


Below, take a sneak peek at a page of Ryan Sook’s “Anchiale” art, and don’t forget to pick up your copy of ACTON COMICS ANNUAL #1 tomorrow.