Join the world of gonzo journalist Spider Jerusalem! He and his “filthy assistants” fight the power of a corrupt regime in a dystopian United States—all chronicled in the pages of the critically acclaimed cyberpunk series TRANSMETROPOLITAN!


Written by Warren Ellis and illustrated by Darick Robertson, the 60-issue Transmet takes readers into The City, a place of corruption, consumerism, sex, violence and drugs—a powder keg about to ignite under Spider’s cynical eye and fiery reporting. Together with his journalistic partners Yelena Rossini and Channon Yarrow, Spider takes aim against the filth and decadence of The City with the most powerful weapon available to man—the written word. Facing crooked politicians, jaded citizens, police brutality, and more than a few near-death experiences, they’ll get the story…even if it kills them.


Now you can plumb the depths of The City yourself with all 60 issues of the fan-favorite series plus the special collections of his “original” columns—all for only 99 cents each! It’s all part of DC Digital Comics’ Transmetropolitan Sale going on all this weekend!


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