Ethan Van Sciver To Draw BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT

Ethan Van Sciver To Draw BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT

By Alex Nagorski Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

This morning, COMIC BOOK RESOURCES exclusively announced that industry legend Ethan Van Sciver will be the new ongoing series artist for BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT.


Joining New York Times bestselling writer Gregg Hurwitz, Van Sciver will make his debut on the series with issue #16, which travels into the twisted world of the Mad Hatter. In the issue, Batman discovers a trail of bodies but no leads as he realizes that this is unlike any Mad Hatter case he’s seen before.


“With Scarecrow, a lot has already been said about who is he, but not a lot has been said about the villain we've chosen: the Mad Hatter,” Van Sciver told COMIC BOOK RESOURCES. “It really is going to be a revelation to a lot of Batman fans who have seen this villain around for a long time but haven't given as much thought as to what makes him tick. We're inventing a lot of things as we go along with it.”


Head on over to COMIC BOOK RESOURCES to read the full interview. And while BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT #16 doesn’t hit stores until January 30, take a first look at the issue by checking out Van Sciver’s cover for it below.