This morning, COMIC BOOK RESOURCES exclusively announced that industry legend Ethan Van Sciver will be the new ongoing series artist for BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT.


Joining New York Times bestselling writer Gregg Hurwitz, Van Sciver will make his debut on the series with issue #16, which travels into the twisted world of the Mad Hatter. In the issue, Batman discovers a trail of bodies but no leads as he realizes that this is unlike any Mad Hatter case he’s seen before.


“With Scarecrow, a lot has already been said about who is he, but not a lot has been said about the villain we've chosen: the Mad Hatter,” Van Sciver told COMIC BOOK RESOURCES. “It really is going to be a revelation to a lot of Batman fans who have seen this villain around for a long time but haven't given as much thought as to what makes him tick. We're inventing a lot of things as we go along with it.”


Head on over to COMIC BOOK RESOURCES to read the full interview. And while BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT #16 doesn’t hit stores until January 30, take a first look at the issue by checking out Van Sciver’s cover for it below.