Since its launch in May, the all-new ongoing series EARTH 2 has started to build and expand upon its universe with lots of new and exciting elements: new characters, origins, settings, costumes, powers, etc. And for two special upcoming issues, add guest artist to that list.


Illustrating EARTH 2 #7-8 will be fan-favorite artist Yildiray Cinar (THE FURY OF FIRESTORM: THE NUCLEAR MEN; TEEN TITANS), who will also be making his debut collaboration with series writer James Robinson.


"I've been reading this book as a fan since issue #1 and feel so honored to be able to be part (in some way) of the restructuring of the new Earth 2!” Cinar told THE SOURCE. “Besides that, this is going to be my first collaboration with James Robinson, so needless to say ... there are good times ahead!" 


For an exclusive first look at Cinar’s art on EARTH 2, check out the pencils for the cover he drew for issue #8, featuring Steppenwolf (last seen in EARTH 2 #1) and the last Amazon on Earth 2. Sound off in the comments section below to guess who she is!