Last week saw the release of GREEN LANTERN #0. In this issue, readers were introduced to Simon Baz, an Arab-American who became the fifth Earth-born Green Lantern.


To celebrate the release of this title, writer Geoff Johns traveled to his home state of Michigan this weekend to do a signing at Green Brain Comics and to host a presentation of his work though the years and Q&A with audience members at the Arab American National Museum.


Below, check out a couple of photos from these events and be sure to head over to DC Comics’ Facebook page to see more!


While Geoff was in Michigan, he chatted with the DETROIT NEWS about Simon Baz. And if you want to read more about GREEN LANTERN and Geoff’s visit, take note of some of the coverage that’s run in places like DETROIT NEWS, DETROIT NEWS, DETROIT FREE-PRESS, DETROIT FREE-PRESS, DEARBORN PRESS & GUIDE, THE MORNING SUN, WDET RADIO, DEARBORN PATCH, ADVISOR & SOURCE, M LIVE, HERITAGE, and COMICBOOK.COM.


GREEN LANTERN #0 is available in stores now.



(Photos: Christian Najjar Photography 2012)