Zero = nothing. That’s what they teach us in school, right? If you have zero of something, you don’t have a whole lot of it. So then why was the first week of Zero Month positively brimming with new features, exclusives, giveaways and overall DC coolness? Well, whatever the reason, when it comes to bringing you fun stuff and keeping you informed on what’s happening here at DC, we’re more than happy to prove our old grade school math teacher wrong.


Here’s what went down this week on the DC Comics website…


We started things off with an exclusive first look at the covers for the second week of Zero Month, as well as the variant covers for ACTION COMICS #13. You know, considering the guy’s a ghost, Phantom Stranger sightings sure seem pretty frequent these days…


After that, we added some new “Who’s Who in the New 52” bios to our character section. If you’re interested in learning more about some of the big players in DC COMICS – THE NEW 52, these are a good place to start. Here’s the list of what went up this week.


We also announced two new giveaways here on The first was our latest weekly photo contest, this time with a Justice League card (featuring Aquaman) that’s signed by Alex Sinclair at stake. And for those who prefer to dream even bigger, we also kicked off "The Comic Book Completionists' Sweepstakes," a month-long sweepstakes that will result in one envy-provoking winner taking home every single Zero Issue to hit the stands this month as well as our DC COMICS – THE NEW 52 Omnibus, which contains all of our issue ones!


On Wednesday, we launched a new series of DC Collectibles features with Spoiler Alert, a week-long guessing game that culminates in a reveal of a new statue, bust or action figure.


Wednesday also saw the release of the highly anticipated GREEN LANTERN #0, which introduced our latest Green Lantern—Simon Baz. A lot of people out there had plenty to say about Baz’s debut and the Lanterns in general, especially after we posted the new chart we designed to help you figure out which Green Lantern you are.


Who says Batman doesn’t have a sense of humor? He sure seems to in the new “Robot Chicken DC Comics Special,” which airs this Sunday night at midnight. To get everyone primed and ready for its debut, we unveiled two new exclusive videos. The first is an On the Set chat with Seth Green and Geoff Johns, while the second is a round of 5.2 Questions with Green, Johns and fellow executive producer Matthew Senreich. Mr. Senreich was also good enough to sit down for a follow-up set of 5.2 Questions. (We suppose that means he actually answered 10.4 questions for us this week…but who’s counting?)


Thursday brought with it the latest edition of 5.2 Reasons, this time about why the new Batman Live touring show is a can’t-miss.


Speaking of things you may or may not have missed, did you see today’s edition of This Just Happened? If you’re a Watchmen fan wondering where the Comedian got that smiley face pin, you may want to check it out.


And finally, we wrapped things up with a thought-provoking new clip from the upcoming animated feature “The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1.” Oh, and did we say that it’s exclusive? Don’t look for it anywhere other than right here.


Added up, all of that may not equal zero, but we’re not about to complain. Have a great weekend, don’t forget to watch the Robot Chicken DC Comics Special on Saturday night and we’ll see you again in seven! (We’re pretty sure we can trust our math on that one.)