When we heard that the hilariously irreverent pop-culture-referencing, toy crazy Cartoon Network television series "Robot Chicken" was doing a DC Comics Special, there really was only one reaction to be had: "Buck yes!"
Known for its anthological sketches featuring various toys lampooning everything nerdy from TV shows and anime to video games and comic books, the Emmy Award-winning "Robot Chicken" was co-created by former Wizard Entertainment editorial director Matt Senreich and actor/nerd celebrity icon Seth Green (seriously, Google this man and tell us he doesn't live the most enviable nerd-tastic life ever).
The DC Comics Special—which focuses specifically on sketches featuring the heroes and villains of the DC Universe voiced by award-winning actors like Neil Patrick Harris and Alfred Molina—premieres on Sunday, September 9.
We had a quick chat with co-creator Senreich about the upcoming special in a bout of 5.2 Questions!

1. What about the DC Comics staple of heroes and the old Super Friends cartoon specifically inspired you guys to want to make this special?

I grew up a comic geek and worked in comics starting when I was 16 years old. Getting to play with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, etc. was a dream to twist them on their side the way we do. So when Geoff Johns came to us with this idea, it was a no-brainer!

2. The cast for the special looks incredible—with NPH as Two-Face, Megan Fox as Lois Lane, Alfred Molina as Lex Luthor, Nerd God Nathan Fillion as GL, and more. Did you know beforehand that “These are the guys we want for these specific roles?” How did the casting all come about?

For some, we just knew who we wanted like Nathan as Green Lantern. Neil played Two-Face for us in a sketch during the regular season of Robot Chicken, so we knew we wanted to lure him back! Same with Megan Fox as Lois Lane. We had her play Lois Lane in a one-off sketch during a previous RC season. We love Breckin's Superman and Alex Bornstein's Wonder Woman. Alfred Molina was just a reach for the sky scenario and he said yes. We just thought his voice was exactly what we had written for that character!

3. Matt, can you give any hints to some of the voices you’ll be contributing? Snapper Carr, maybe?

I'm limited in my range with voice over, but I will say that I play a convincing Chillblaine. Oh, and a JSA member who has one line. I like to keep who I play on the down-low as it's usually not the best voice in the episode.

4. Can you tease some of your favorite sketches coming up in the special?

All the Lex Luthor stuff makes me really happy. Anything with the DC villains hanging out in the headquarters came together really well. It's hard to pick favorites, but Paul Reubens as the Riddler taunting Sinestro to cut his mustache may be my favorite if I had to choose today.

5. When you guys did the Star Wars Special, you had some sketches that didn’t make it into the first, but then were included in the second. Were there sketches that didn’t make it into the DC Comics Special that you’re saving for the possibility of a second?

Yes. Fingers crossed.

5.1 Have you ever dressed as a DC Comics character—be it for Halloween or a convention?

We are having a RCDC costume party for the premiere. So yes. Pictures may show up on Twitter eventually.

5.2 If you could have the power of any DC super hero, whose would you want?
Superman. Duh.

Also, be sure to check out the trailer for the special, this exclusive On the Set featurette, and stay tuned to DCComics.com for more from Senreich, co-creator Seth Green and writer Geoff Johns about the Robot Chicken DC Comics Special!