Today marks the release of the first week of DC Comics’ #0 issues. Each of these special issues is filled with everything from secrets to revelations to origin stories. These will both explain what happened before the launch of DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 last summer, as well as plant seeds for future story arcs!


If you’ve already picked up your #0 issues today, you’ve probably noticed that in the back of each book (and now online!) is a Who’s Who entry on a major character in DC COMICS-THE NEW 52. These pages share information such as each character’s first appearance, base of operations, powers, history, and other appearances. Below, check out the list of which character is being spotlighted on each of this week’s releases and be sure to click on their names to read up on who they are!


ACTION COMICS #0 – Superman

ANIMAL MAN #0 – Animal Man

BATWING #0 – Batwing

DETECTIVE COMICS #0 – Commissioner James Gordon

DIAL H #0 – The H-Dial

EARTH 2 #0 – The history of Earth 2

G.I. COMBAT #0 – The Unknown Soldier

GREEN ARROW #0 – Green Arrow

GREEN LANTERN #0 – Green Lantern

THE PHANTOM STRANGER #0 – The Phantom Stranger

STORMWATCH #0 – Stormwatch

SWAMP THING #0 – Swamp Thing

WORLDS’ FINEST #0 – Power Girl & Huntress