From the Batmobile and the utility belt to the Batcave and beating the ever-living tar out of criminals, certain things are essential aspects of the Bat-Mythos—and without question, one of those key pieces to the Batman puzzle is the Dark Knight's high-flying sidekick, Robin.


As a youngster, Dick Grayson wowed circus-going audiences as a member of the aerialist family "The Flying Graysons." But when the circus came to Gotham, Dick's world of high-flying acrobatics came crashing down after a mobster murdered his family. Taken under the wing of millionaire Bruce Wayne, Grayson was trained in the ways of crime fighting as the very first Robin!


Eventually, Grayson moved out of the shadow of the Bat and adopted his own identity: Nightwing. As this new hero, Dick utilized his unique abilities to protect his city.


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