In a future where master chefs control the city like crime lords and diners will literally kill for a seat at the best restaurants, one renegade sushi chef will ignite a war between kitchens that will leave far more than discarded seafood in its wake. GET JIRO! is a stylized send-up of modern food culture that could only come from the mind of Anthony Bourdain, the New York Times bestselling author and star of TV’s “No Reservations” and “The Layover.” Released earlier this month to great acclaim, Get Jiro! is an original graphic novel co-written by Joel Rose and drawn by Langdon Foss.


Gathered together in room 6DE, moderator John Cunningham along with Anthony Bourdain, Langdon Foss and Vertigo Senior VP – Executive Editor Karen Berger are all set to discuss this remarkable project and answer questions from the audience.


If you’ve read the graphic novel, you understand why we’re hoping no one asks them for a California Roll. But if anyone does, you’ll be the first to know as we bring the panel to you live: