If you like your comics with huge stakes and epic conflicts told on a massive scale, then you’re not going to want to miss this one. From the unforgettable adventures of DC’s premier super team to the intergalactic exploits of the Green Lantern Corps, to the newly arisen heroes of Earth 2, DC COMICS – THE NEW 52 has offered plenty over the past year to stoke the imagination. But where will things in the Justice League and Green Lantern families of books be going from here? 


Our panelists know, and they’re ready to drop some hints and tantalizing teases. Sitting alongside moderator John Cunningham in room 6DE are group editor Matt Idelson, editors Brian Cunningham and Pat McCallum, Geoff Johns (Justice League, Green Lantern), Jim Lee (Justice League), Tony Bedard (Green Lantern: New Guardians), Brian Buccellato (The Flash), Francis Manapul (The Flash), Jeff Lemire (Justice League Dark), James Robinson (Earth 2) and Nicola Scott (Earth 2).


Titles like these deserve a huge panel, and that’s exactly what we have. But we’re bringing it all to you as it takes place below: