San Diego Comic-Con is upon us! It's a celebration of all things great—from comic books and movies to toys and video games and everything in between—but for comic fans especially, it's the chance to meet the makers, get access to exclusive items, and discover the latest news and announcements concerning your favorite heroes and titles. It's absolutely fan-tasmic! That's a word, right? That should be a word.


Not everyone can make it to this sold-out event. But worry not because DC Entertainment has you covered with nonstop Comic-Con coverage right here on—your "Con Away from Con!"


Whether braving the crowds in San Diego or enjoying it from home, we're giving you 5.2 Reasons DC Entertainment is the Place to Be for SDCC!


1. Exclusive Panel Coverage

One of the biggest draws of Comic-Con is the panels—like this year's Batman: Beyond the Night of the Owls panel or the Justice League and Green Lantern panel. Fans and creators alike gather to discuss what's currently happening and what's still to come in the DCU. And you can keep up-to-date on what's going on in almost every single one of them with LIVE panel coverage here in THE SOURCE. Even better, as the official DC recap, all of our panel coverage will include every photograph, piece of art or image shown during our panels!


2. #AskDCComics Fan Questions

Have you always wanted to ask Geoff Johns a question but haven't gotten the chance? Well, we're giving you that opportunity—and you don’t have to be at the show to take advantage. Throughout Comic-Con, we'll be conducting interviews with various creators—and we'll be asking them YOUR questions! Follow us on Twitter (@DCComics) for updates on who we'll be interviewing throughout the show and use #AskDCComics to tweet us your questions!


3. DC University

For the very first time, we’ll be hosting some special interviews with our artists in the DC Entertainment Booth (#1915). They'll be taking suggestions from the audience on what to draw while fielding questions on their latest projects, their favorite characters and much more! If you're at the show, keep your eye to the booth stage where these interviews will be taking place. If not, no problem! We'll be filming and posting them onto the site.


4. The Instant Super Fan Sweepstakes

Everyone loves swag. But getting said swag can be a little difficult. To make things easier and awesomer, we're holding a special sweepstakes open to both attendees and those at home via e-mail entry where the winner receives a collection of all of the best DC products, exclusives and giveaways from Comic-Con. Click here for everything you need to know about becoming an instant super fan.



5. 5.2 Questions

Our Comic-Con sister feature! Creators answer 5.2 Questions (natch)—but unlike DC University and our Twitter-fueled interviews, these questions are fun, informal and designed to shed some light on what sort of things your favorite writers and artists enjoy. Find out what Jim Lee's favorite late night snack is or Scott Snyder's first-ever comic book purchase!


5.1 Never Get Lost! Head to for Daily Recaps!

5.2 Marriage Proposals to Dance Offs... It’s Comic-Con! You Never Know What Could Happen!

At Comic-Con or keeping up from home? Let us know below what your experience has been like and what you'd love to see in the future! And be sure to keep your eyes HERE for our continued SDCC Con Away from Con coverage!