Got a comic book itch to scratch? Well, DC Comics Digital is here to help with a special sale highlighting the nine lives of the feline fatale Catwoman!


On July 20, Selina Kyle hits the silver screen in the final installment of director Christopher Nolan's Batman epic "The Dark Knight Rises," but the character has been an integral part of the Batman mythos since her first appearance in 1940's BATMAN #1.


The sexy and mysterious Catwoman has been a hero, a villain and everything in between during her nearly 75-year history. Both an enemy and love interest for the Dark Knight, Catwoman has remained one of the most popular characters from both Batman's world and the world of comics itself. With the Catwoman 101 Sale, you can relive Catwoman's comic career with over 100 comic book issues starring the scene-stealing villainess—all for only 99 cents each!


The 3-Day sale begins on 7/6! Head over here for this steal of a deal!