Every day until the start of Comic-Con, we’re bringing you something cool to help you count down the days to the start of the big show. Last week we debuted our new Comic-Con print ads. For this week, we reached out to some of our favorite writers and artists to ask them what they enjoy most about San Diego Comic-Con.


Today’s Comic-Con recollection comes care of Adam Glass, who’s been showing us what it’s like to live (extremely) dangerously in the pages of Suicide Squad. Here’s what Adam had to say about Comic-Con:


“1988, fresh from the big apple, I went to San Diego Comic Con with a buddy of mine. It was my first real ‘Fanboy’ experience, though back then I think we were just called ‘nerds.’ Little did the world know we would soon rule it!


But I regress. We'll get back to world domination later.


At the Con, I remember just being blown away by the costumes, art, merchandise and of course the writers and artists. I felt at home amongst the sea of fans who, just like me, dared to dream a little differently and weren’t afraid to express it. It was like the comic book spring break, and I was in awe. Ever since that experience, I can’t wait to go back every year. But now I go with my family and watch my children and others with their eyes wide open as they watch this crazy circus we call Comic-Con. Dreaming of something we haven’t even thought of yet, but will probably see there some day soon...”



Adam will be signing in the DC booth and will be a part of the DC Comics – The New 52 panel on Friday, July 13th at 4:15 p.m. (also in Room 6DE). But don’t sweat it if you can’t be there, because we’ll be covering that panel live as it unfolds right here on DCComics.com. Don’t miss it, and be sure to swing by THE SOURCE again tomorrow for our next Countdown to Comic-Con feature!