Every day until the start of Comic-Con, we’re bringing you something cool to help you count down the days to the start of the big show. Last week we debuted our new Comic-Con print ads. For this week, we reached out to some of our favorite writers and artists to ask them what they enjoy most about San Diego Comic-Con.


Today we’re hearing from Gail Simone, the fan-favorite writer who’s been penning Batgirl’s adventures as a part of DC COMICS – THE NEW 52, and who’s also had ridiculously popular runs on Birds of Prey, Secret Six and Wonder Woman. Here’s what Gail had to say about Comic-Con:


“San Diego Comic-Con was not only the first real convention I ever attended as a guest, it was the first real convention I had ever attended in any capacity. Having SDCC be your introduction to the world of the comic book convention is like using a supernova to toast bread. I can’t even express what a shocking experience it was in all ways. On one side of the massive convention hall, you have fun shops and restaurants and the charming Gaslamp district, on the other side, stunning views of the harbor.


And the hall itself, aisle after aisle of everything I’d always loved but never really gotten to share with others; cosplayers, comics, films, cult TV...there’s a wonderful geek chic about it all, a fantasy glamour, that I still find inspiring to this day. For one long weekend, it’s its own city, a community of believers, people who only came because they love what they love, and this is the place that has it. It’s a party, a concert, a festival, a reunion, a costume ball, and it might also be a little bit of a sanitarium in the best possible way. 


Can’t wait to go back. See you there, I hope.”



Gail will be signing in the DC booth and will be a part of the Batman: Beyond the Night of Owls panel on Thursday, July 12th at 2 p.m. (Room 6DE) and the DC Comics – The New 52 panel on Friday, July 13th at 4:15 p.m. (also in Room 6DE). We’ll be covering both of these panels live as they unfold right here on DCComics.com. Don’t miss them, and be sure to swing by THE SOURCE again tomorrow for our next Countdown to Comic-Con feature!